24/7 Innovation

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Techniques for Awakening Your Organization's Innovative Potential in a Global Marketplace That Never Sleeps Praise for Stephen Shapiro's 24/7 Innovation... &quote;Shapiro's ideas provide just enough structure for innovation to grow, but never so much as to stifle it.&quote; Thomas H. Davenport, Director of the Accenture Institute for Strategic Change, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Babson College &quote;24/7 Innovation weaves a compelling picture of what will be needed to win in the new millennium.&quote; Steve Stanton, Coauthor, The Reengineering Revolution &quote;Steve's book provides a timely focus on innovation as competitive advantage, and it is well worth your time.&quote; Charles Koch, CEO and President, Koch Industries &quote;Steve offers a pragmatic, global, business savvy realism as well as artistic flair to anyone who needs to be an innovator in business.&quote; Peter Keen, CEO, Keen Innovations, Coauthor, The eProcess Edge &quote;Steve shows how companies can be innovative everywhere, everyday, by everyone. This is a must read book for anyone who is serious about 24/7 innovation.&quote; Dr. Trevor G. Gibbs, Head of Global Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance, GlaxoSmithKline In one of the great paradoxes of twenty-first-century business, market leaders must continuously pursue the obsolescence of their own bestselling products. Why? Because they know that beyond their own corporate walls, hungry competitors are &quote;borrowing&quote; and improving on the strengths of those products in order to take their hard-won customer base to the next level of satisfaction. And if they plan to stay on top, leaders know it is up to them to reach that next level first. Whether you are a leader or a pursuer, 24-7 Innovation takes you beyond the rigid policies, prescriptive processes, and fragmented organizational structures that have stifled true innovation for too long. This step-by-step book shows you how to instill a mind-set of continuous innovation at every level of your organization, one that will allow you to achieve and sustain a leadership position in any market. It outlines a lean, action-based framework designed to put your organization in the state of &quote;perpetual innovation&quote; that is necessary for creating sustainable business success. Look to 24/7 Innovation for the latest techniques and strategies to: Create a culture of innovation and inject innovation continuously throughout the execution of each process Implement the Capabilities approach at every level of your organization, and coordinate its five essential components-Strategy, Measurements, Processes, People, and Technology -to consistently interrelate with each other and deliver measurable results Align all stakeholders from customers to shareholders to employees at all levels of an organization Moving far beyond theory, 24/7 Innovation reveals what today's most innovative companies are actually doing right now and provides guidelines to help you replicate these successes in your own organization. It offers a blueprint for creating a truly flexible organization, one that builds upon current successes even as it promotes rapid change and adaptability for maximizing those successes. In today's age of unprecedented access and unlimited competition, constant change is the prerequisite for survival. Let 24/7 Innovation show you how to introduce constant change throughout every level of your organization revolutionary change that is strategic, pervasive, and ultimately overwhelming to your competitors.

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