Charm Stone

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  • Жанр:  Romance
  • Объём: Нет данных


When it comes to love...When expert surfer Josie Griffin has a rare wipeout, shes shocked to discover that a real-life treasure chest is to blameone that contains a necklace hung with the biggest stone shes ever seen. But thats nothing compared to the shock she gets when she places the jewel around her neck. Instantly a mysterious little kilted man appears to inform her that the charm has betrothed her to an eighteenth-century Scottish laird! Its not that Josie has anything against handsome lairdsor older men. But three hundred plus years may be stretching things a bit. After all, she has a career to consider. And besides, shes sure the effects of her concussion will be wearing off any minuteuntil the minutes turn to hours...then days...A little charm goes a long wayThe spirit of Connal MacNeil has been waiting centuries for his betrothed to appear on Scotlands roaring shores. Josies arrival with the MacNeil charm stone is his dream come true. Her passion is a fiery match to his ownand her powerful body is perfect for bearing the heir he plans. He bargained his soul for this last chance at prosperity, and he wont take no for an answer. Unfortunately the lass doesnt quite understand that destiny has bound them for all eternity. In fact, she seems determined to deny him at every turnwhen she isnt busy with her foolhardy need to go wave hunting. But it doesnt take long for other, more earthly MacNeil charms to take hold. For Josie is only humanand Connal has waited long enough for the love affair of his lifetime to finally begin....From the Paperback edition.

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