It Ain't Always &quote;I&quote;

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This book is not a grammar text. There will be very few formal rules given, particularly in the two most important Chapters (One and Two). Rather, I shall indicate the areas of the most common spoken grammatical errors and use examples and special techniques to illustrate the concepts to improve. Correcting one's speaking habits will take some practice, effort and concentration, but I believe you readers will like my fresh approach. One can start by using my &quote;Mother's game&quote; (explained in the Introduction). When listening to others, mentally correct them (remember, I said to mentally correct them - unless of course you're listening to your own children - then, of course, you will want to teach them). Keep in mind, we are trying to accomplish in several hours of study what was formally done in 12 years of rigorous schoolwork. But don't despair, I believe it can be done.

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