Nationalism and Identity in Romania

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The collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe produced a fundamental change in the political map of Europe. In Romania, nationalism re-emerged forcefully and continued to rally political support against the context of a long and difficult transition to democracy. In Nationalism and Identity in Romania, Radu Cinpoes charts Romania's development as a state from its eighteenth century roots to its post-communist formation, identifying the reasons for the strength and resilience of nationalism in the state and how, after 1989, extreme right-wing party The Greater Romania Party gained particular strength as a major political power. _x000D__x000D_Cinpoes argues that the persuasive appeal of the party and its nationalist ideals rested on a reiteration of nationalism and identity which had been embedded in Romanian ideological discourse by earlier nationalist formations. He demonstrates how nationalist discourse in Romania has in general been characterised by a continuity of certain themes, such as language, origins and ancestry, historical continuity, leadership, morality and religion. He also explores the darker side of nationalism: that which demonises the internal and external 'other, the invective rhetoric against Romanian Jews and Gypsies, as well as that directed towards Hungarians in the region. _x000D__x000D_While the success of The Greater Romania Party has diminished particularly since Romania's accession to the EU in 2007, this book reveals how this recurring articulation of nationalism and identity has shown extraordinary resilience and adaptability over time, arguing that it is by no means inconceivable that a new party could become the organisational focus of this discourse. Nationalism and Identity in Romania provides important analysis on the history and politics of post-Communist societies in Europe, and the development of nationalist movements in general. _x000D_

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