One Powerful Mind

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&quote;How can I cope with people's demands?&quote; &quote;After a few setbacks, how do I find the will to move past inaction?&quote; &quote;How can I survive my marriage breakup?&quote; &quote;How can I increase my self-esteem?&quote; &quote;How do I become the best parent I can be?&quote; One Powerful Mind shows you how to effectively integrate your rational and emotional capacities. We all have a natural ability to listen, research, evaluate our opinions, and weigh our options before taking action. What Paul Witz offers is a conscious coping system that harnesses these skills so that you can remain balanced - and succeed - in an increasingly high-pressured world. One Powerful Mind allows you to continually monitor your progress and stay on track. It explains-how to tame your survival-oriented &quote;cavebrain&quote; and reinstate your highly functioning, rational &quote;computerbrain&quote; at all times and in all situations-how to stabilize your self-perception and elevate your self-esteem-how to reach a Position of Independence from which to make the right decisions-how to apply the seven steps of the Witz Emotional Management System to achieve a more satisfying personal and professional life-how to make emotional management second nature. How emotionally intelligent are you? The Emotional Management Test included here will help you first define your emotional tendencies; the detailed interpretations of test scores will then help you actively change the modes of behavior that hold you back. We all want to become emotionally independent, and we all want to reach our personal and professional goals. The seven-step Witz system can help make it happen for you.

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