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Trust - a belief in the reliability of a third party, particularly when there is an element of personal risk - lies at the heart of the marketing concept. Any successful relationship, from friendship and marriage to partnerships and business transactions, is dependent to a greater or lesser extent upon the degree of trust between the parties. If marketing is about meeting customer needs, the establishment and management of relationships with customers, and the delivery of promises (either explicit, e.g. in terms of delivery dates or fitness for purpose of the product, or implicit, e.g. in branding and positioning) then trust is a major element in the relationship that exists between a company and its customers. And yet, surprisingly, to date there has been very little collected research into trust in a marketing context, and as such, this e-book aims document and explore trust in a marketing context. David C. Arnott, one of the guest editors, has also provided a bibliography and bibliometric analysis which gathers together a listing of useful materials from the rather disparate sources of research on trust.

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