Vampire Megapack

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The Vampire Megapack collection 27 tales of vampires! Authors represented included Bram Stoker, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Darrell Schweitzer, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and many more. The complete contents are:&quote;Mrs. Amworth,&quote; by E. F. Benson&quote;Lost Epiphany,&quote; by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro&quote;Weeping Willow,&quote; by T. A. Bradley&quote;The Greater Thirst,&quote; by Marilyn &quote;Mattie&quote; Brahen&quote;Clarimonde,&quote; by Theophile Gautier&quote;Waiting for the Hunger,&quote; by Nina Kiriki Hoffman&quote;Kvetchula,&quote; by Darrell Schweitzer&quote;A Vampire,&quote; by Luigi Capuana&quote;Omega,&quote; by Jason Andrew&quote;Accommodation,&quote; by Michael R. Collings&quote;The Art of the Smile,&quote; by John Gregory Betancourt&quote;Renfield's Syndrome,&quote; by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro&quote;The Pimp,&quote; by Lawrence Watt-Evans&quote;Runaway,&quote; by Darrell Schweitzer&quote;Sympathy for Vampires,&quote; by John Gregory Betancourt&quote;The Secret of Kralitz,&quote; by Henry Kuttner&quote;The Fourth Horseman,&quote; by Peter Darbyshire&quote;Cravat of the Damned,&quote; by Zach Bartlett&quote;Help Wanted,&quote; by Michael McCarty and Terrie Leigh Relf&quote;Siren Song,&quote; by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro&quote;An Authenticated Vampire Story,&quote; by Franz Hartmann&quote;Dracula's New Dress,&quote; by Ray Cluley&quote;Dracula's Guest,&quote; by Bram Stoker&quote;The Bats,&quote; by David Anderson&quote;The Room in the Tower,&quote; by E. F. BensonAnd don't forget to search this ebook store for &quote;Megapack&quote; to see other volumes in this series, from westerns to science fiction to ghost stories to mysteries...and many more!

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